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Wood Science & Engineering, OSU
The Wood Science and Engineering Department at Oregon State University is one of the World's largest research, teaching, and outreach organizations focused on wood and wood products. Students are in high demand and salaries generally start in the $35,000 to $40,000 range for a B.S. degree. The research program is wide ranging and the outreach effort provides solution oriented educational programs to a diverse audience.


Forest Products Society
FPS is an international non-profit technical association. Society members represent a broad range of professional interests including private and public research and development, industrial management and production, marketing, education, government, engineering and consulting. This website is an excellent source of forest products publications.


American Society for Quality
The American Society for Quality is one of the premier sources of information relating to quality-oriented topics. This site offers a broad array of information on all aspects of quality.


Western Wood Products Association

The Western Wood Products Association is a trade association representing softwood lumber manufacturers in the 12 Western states, from the Canadian border south to Mexico and from the West Coast to the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Association, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, provides services for Western manufacturers as well as those who use softwood lumber products throughout the world.


Southern Forest Products Association

The Southern Forest Products Association helps to develop, maintain and expand demand for Southern Pine Lumber products, and to engage in activities and programs that are beneficial to their member mills.


MicroRidge Systems

MicroRidge introduced the first statistical process control measurement collection & analysis system for lumber manufacturing in 1983. The 5th generation of that system is the new LSIZE Wireless.  Also a leading provider of wired and wireless RS-232 and network data acquisition solutions to general manufacturing


SiCam Systems

SiCam Systems is leading provider of processing monitoring tools. They offer solutions for manual and real-time sawmill size control monitoring in North America and Internationally.


Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, has distanced himself from the environmental group he devoted much of his life to, because of his belief that many environmental groups today are more interested in taking ever-increasing extreme views to justify their existence, instead of working toward consensus building in an effort to improve the environment. He has written several books where he discusses the key issues confronting forest management today. His books are based on sound science and not emotion.  This website provides many thought-provoking ideas for the person who seeks to sustain forest ecosystems and provide wood products to the people of the world.


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